Got a Clunker, Junker, or Smog Test Flunker? Cash for Cars in Temecula Can Help!

Maybe you bought a classic car and vowed to work on it when you had a little extra time and money. Maybe you have a damaged car and you want to sell it, but who would buy it as is? If you have an old clunker cluttering up your garage or driveway, now’s as good a time as any to turn it into quick cash. It may seem daunting but, with a little know-how and the right people to help, it’s easy! Milano’s Cash for Cars started off in San Diego but now offers cash for junk cars in Temecula and takes the hassle out of process.

First Thing’s First – Get a No Obligation Quote for Your Junk Car

When you call Milano’s Cash for Cars in Temecula, you’re calling a local business, which guarantees quick service from their office in your neighborhood. Our friendly staff will formulate a quote based on information you share with them over the phone. This quote comes with no obligation, which eliminates risk and gives you, the customer, the freedom to take it walking if you’re not satisfied with the offer.

Our staff base their quote on many factors including:

Damaged Cars Are Still Good

Milano’s Cash for Cars is a junk car buyer in Temecula, which means you can sell your damaged car whether it is running or not. We buy cars in just about any condition. No title? No problem! Our specialists handle all the paperwork, so you don’t have to. If you like the no obligation quote and want to seal the deal, a certified auto buyer will come to look at the car and pay you cash.

Why Choose Milano’s Cash for Cars in Temecula?

We understand you have many options when it comes to selling your car. Cash for Cars in Temecula is among the best options. Here’s why:

1) We’re local.

The big box can be a big hassle. Robot operators, outsourced customer service, lengthy lead times that leave the customer waiting days or weeks for answers. We have an office in your neighborhood, staff in your neighborhood, and we guarantee quick and friendly service every time. We are professional, meticulous, and thorough, but if there is any issue that requires support, we are on it immediately and put the big box to shame!

2) We make it easy.

We’re not saying you can’t get a good deal at the dealership or on Craigslist, but Cars for Cash in Temecula makes it even easier. We offer free towing and junk car removal, so there is no cost or hassle regarding getting a clunker where it needs to go whether it is going in for car recycling or resale. We buy cars and we do our best to make it easy.

3) We are trustworthy and reliable.

When you call Milano’s Cash for Cars in Temecula, you know that you are working with a trusted, local company that stands by their word and follows through. Craigslist is infamous for attracting scammers, time wasters, and other undesirables that will complicate the process and cost you time and money.

Hunk of Junk, or Lotto Ticket?

Of course, damaged or broken down cars will generally sell for less than cars in better condition, but some classic cars might be worth a fortune. That clunker parked outside that you’ve been staring at every day could be a hefty contribution to your savings account or your next family vacation. You never know until you pick up the phone. Call Milano’s Cash for Cars in Temecula today!