Junk cars can be seen all across this land, posing an eyesore to any landscape they inhabit. More importantly, these rusting hulks can cause environmental damage. When a vehicle is simply abandoned, over time, gasoline and Freon vapors escape into the atmosphere where they poison the air and harm the ozone. Coolant and oil can leak into the ground, finding their way down into the water tables, or be washed into storm drains where they pollute our streams and reservoirs.

The sad irony of this problem is that these old cars are actually worth cash, and when in the right hands, the abandoned cars can actually help save the environment and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

This is demonstrated by the layers of production that occur each time a new vehicle is made. The iron and aluminum ores must be located and mined. This mining process alone scars the planet and wreaks havoc on the environment. The mined ores have to be transported, processed and smelted in factories that belch smoke and acids into the air. The fact is, recycling unwanted cars for their usable parts and metal content requires only a small fraction of the energy needed when compared to starting from raw materials.

At Milano`s cash for cars, we understand that junk cars have an important role in the recycling industry. We take the steps necessary to make sure all of the old cars` toxic fluids are recaptured and not released back into the environment.

We also provide top notch customer service. A quick, simple phone call will get you in touch with a friendly, helpful representative who can answer any questions you might have about the process. We can give you the facts concerning what papers will be needed, and quote you a price over the phone of what we will pay you for the car. We can even schedule a day and time to tow away the car free and at your convenience.

Call Milano today. We gladly accept all makes and models of cars and trucks.