So you have an old car just sitting in your driveway. Either your old car is just sitting around and needs to be moved or you have been order to get it moved. Whichever, it is easy to sell junk cars in San Diego. Milano’s pays cash for junk cars here in San Diego. Here is an easy guide to get rid of your car.

The first step you need to do when you sell junk cars is establish the owner. This may sound easy enough you drive the car so the car is yours right? That could be very true but the real owner of the car is the person on the title of the car. If the car is not in your name you do not have a legal right to sell the car. You can establish ownership in your name prior to selling the car.

Does your car work or is it not working? Trying to sell a car that is not working can be very difficult. When an individual is looking to buy a car, they will usually not want to sink a lot of money into getting a junk car into working order. If you sell junk cars that are not working you open yourself up to a host of problems. If your car is not working you won’t want to pay for repairs just to have a working car to sell.

Then you will need to decide who to sell the car to. When trying to sell junk cars in San Diego there are laws that protect the consumer. If your car is not working, runs poorly, or is cosmetically defunct you consider sell your can to a junk care dealer. If your car is inoperable the real value will be in the parts of the car. You will have to decide to sell off the parts to make any money off the car. Things to consider if you are selling off the parts, will you have the time to invest in being there when someone comes to buy the parts and when you be mechanically responsible to taking the parts off. If you allow someone else to eradicate their own parts you run the liability that they may damage other parts that maybe usable by another buyer.

A word of caution from my personal philosophy or experience, never sell your old junk car to a friend or relative. I they have a problem with the car they will assume you knew about the problem. This car can leave family or friends feeling like you tried to scam them. Even if you tell them every little detail you know that is wrong with the car before you sell it to them, when anything goes wrong they will call you to complain. Even if they don’t it could leave a sore spot between you and them

I suggest not wasting money on advertising an old junk car. Fees can run as high as $25 per week and your car may not sell for several weeks. You have to decide if the value of your car is work that much. If you are selling your car for $500 and It list for 8 weeks your profit from your car will only be $300 because you will have paid $200 in sellers fees. You could opt to use one of those free sites, however a word of caution many people get scammed when they try to sell thing on free sites like Craigslist. Selling your car online opens up a wide range of security related issues. To sell junk cars without a classified ad in San Diego you can use Milano’s.

If you need money for your junk car you can sell junk cars in San Diego to Milano’s. Whether your car is running or not they pay top dollar for your unwanted car.