Selling a car can be a daunting experience. If you live in San Diego and surrounding areas, just pick up the phone and call Milano’s @ 619-356-2131. Read on and get acquainted with whom we are and what we do when it comes to what we can offer when you want to sell a car.

Who is Milano’s?

Milano’s is a reputable business that has a proven track record for selling our vehicle in Sand Diego or surrounding cities. You will experience customized service to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to cash for your car. There are times when you need to make a transaction quickly as well as being treated fairly. Milano’s Cash for Cars can provide you with a worthwhile experience.

Milano’s Dedication to a Green Environment

The car industry in used car trade can be a messy and dirty one. Keep in mind that we strive to meet environmental responsibilities. If your car is older and failed the stringent testing for emissions, it may be cost prohibitive to put money in it. “Sell my car in San Diego” means call Milano’s who will treat you fairly, professionally, and get cash in your hand.

Seamless Transactions

If you need to sell your car in San Diego, phone connection to Milano’s Cash for Cars will work with you and even accomplish the paperwork so you don’t have to step out of the comfort of your home or wherever you need to sell your car.

The auto recycling program we offer will give you the best deal so you can have a cash payment to place on a new vehicle. These types of sales when you need immediate cash as you need to find and purchase a new set of wheels will be handled expeditiously. We give excellent service to our customers in need of selling your car in San Diego.

Your Pride and Joy

Sometimes life throws us lemons. Milano’s Cash for your Car in San Diego understands the bind you may be in when unforeseen circumstances such as an accident. It is stressful enough to be in these types of issues. “Sell my car” will be your first words and we know of the bind you are in and the need to complete this with the most cash you can possibly get out of your totaled car.

Junk and Junked

We care about you as our customer’s as that is how we grow as a business. Word-of-mouth is our best advertisement. With our commitment to our environment, the process of recycling automobiles or trucks, running or not, can be handled by a phone call. Our staff will assign a driver to come to the point of sale and hand you over cash and remove your vehicle at no cost to you. Any condition or value, we will take your junked vehicle.

Avoid the use of online auctions. We cannot state this strongly enough. You will be given a very low offer. Just don’t bother with the hassles. Give us a call and “Sell My Car”, will put us in the driver’s seat to deploy assistance to you a.s.a.p. We will give you a quote and our staff will not talk you down to a lower price when they come to pick it up. In the San Diego and surrounding areas, we do the best job for you, our customer.


If you have a ghost, you call “Ghostbuster.” If you want to sell your car, call Milano’s. No need to list your vehicle. Our trademark stands for itself. Our reach even goes across the country. Thousands of vehicles rotate through our company monthly. You will deal with professionals who have been trained and most of all competent. If you have some time, want to deal with the sale next week, use our online form and we will loop back to you.