Who is Milano’s Cash for Cars?

Have a car or truck you need to get rid of? A wrecked automobile that is taking up space in your driveway that you don’t know what you can do with? Allow us to take these tasks off of your to-do list! At Milano’s Cash for Cars, we receive your automobile and ensure that it goes to a great recycling process instead of letting it sit somewhere. Our services allow for purchasing your vehicles that are virtually in any condition which is unlike other car buyers in San Diego. Next, we pay you’re the most value for your car or truck regardless if it happened to be in fair working condition or not, in fact it doesn’t even need to start. We are pride full to be working so closely with local recycling efforts over other car buyers in San Diego, by utilizing your old parts for other uses as well as recycling any metal pieces. Our drivers can meet you at any location and retrieve your vehicle for absolutely no cost to you. Before ever arriving to your location, our representatives will provide you with a quote while still on the telephone before we ever arrive to your location for the pickup.

How does the Process Work?

Once you call us, we meet up with you, and you get your cash payment, it is that easy! Then you are free to use the funds at your disposal for whatever you wish. Most of our clients utilize the funds as a down payment on another vehicle, but ultimately once the transaction is complete the money is yours. The alternative to selling your vehicle to car buyers in San Diego is to attempt to dispose of it via an online auction. This is very tricky practice that often ends in a dispute or for a sale of your automobile that is much less than what you initially thought you would be offered for your car or truck. Otherwise, you could advertise to privately sell your car and suffer the annoying process of strangers coming to your residence picking at your car. Our service also prevents the bidding process that you have to undergo with strangers, with us you know over the phone what you are getting into giving you the opportunity to think it over, or decline our offer with no strings attached. No more uncomfortable wheeling and dealing with people you don’t know, let the car buyers of San Diego get cash in your pocket today.

What if My Car Has Been Involved in an Accident?

Do not fear if your car or truck has previously been involved in a fender bender of any sort. At Milano’s Cash for Cars, we accept damaged automobiles as well as those on perfect condition. How it works is similar to if your car is not damaged, you simply call our car buyers of San Diego offices and explain the damages currently on the car. The service representative will provide you with a no obligation quote over the phone just we would for our other cars. We set up a convenient time to meet with you, and schedule the car for pick up and cash transaction. Often this may not be what you could have earned had the car been in good or fair condition, but it commonly helps our clients in paying back high insurance premiums or to obtain a used car for the time being. Many also have large medical bills left over from a past accident that selling their damaged car can provide the funds to pay those bills off. Additionally, you get the great relief of doing the right thing by allowing us to recycle as much of your wrecked vehicle as possible, doing both of our parts to give back to the environment.